Tax Adviser’s Office Poland Krakow

The Office’s Founder - dr Pawel Kryczko - has been a tax adviser since 1994, first as a partner at the Financial Law Institute in Krakow, and since 2004 as an individual adviser with his independent Tax Adviser’s Office. Dr Pawel Kryczko received thorough education in financial law not only during his legal studies but mostly as a researcher and lecturer at the Financial Law Department of the Jagiellonian University. This academic post – held till this day – has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration in understanding and solving taxpayers’ problems. Dr Pawel Kryczko has also published several dozen scholarly publications.

From the beginning of its activity the Office focuses on services for business entities, dealing mostly with their disputes with tax administration. The list of the Office’s clients includes enterprises numbered among the greatest in Poland. At the same time however, we did not refuse to help a retired woman who was unexpectedly charged with income tax on non-disclosed income. The Office’s “philosophy” is quite simple. It can be summed up in several points:

  1. We trust our Clients. We do not charge advances. It is the Clients who choose the forms and details of our agreements.
  2. We do not invest in property, furniture or cars. Our prestige results from the quality of our service. We meet with our Clients in their offices or in other places at their convenience.
  3. We do not accept cases that we regard "lost".
  4. Our Clients have the right to reject our strategies or tactics.
  5. We negotiate our remuneration depending on the complexity of each case and on the amount of work. In cases that concern disputes we suggest that our remuneration be defined as a proportion of the value of the object of dispute if we win.
We wish to stress that the application of the above principles since the beginning of our Office’s operation has not resulted in any conflict with any of our Clients.

At present our Office has decided to start to cooperate with young and well educated lawyers. This will help them gain the necessary experience under Dr Kryczko’s supervision and prepare them to independently perform the job of tax advisers in the future.

Our Pawel Kryczko’s Tax Office offers consultation and assistance in solving current tax problems related to business activity, including issues that refer to value added tax on goods and services, excise tax, income tax on legal persons, income tax on natural persons, and local taxes. We also issue tax opinions regarding intra-Community transactions, imports and exports. In addition, KPPK provides services related to drawing up tax opinions in the following cases:

- mergers, acquisitions, capital restructuring, and liquidation of business entities
- investment planning aimed at minimising tax burden
- double taxation
- tax consequences of provisions contained in contracts that are entered in economic circulation

KPPK’s offer for foreign entities includes also consultation in English and Spanish as regards the Polish tax system, and assistance with foreign enterprises’ registration for Polish VAT purposes.